Revolutionary Workers Headquarters Archive

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This page contains documents from the Revolutionary Workers Headquarters (RWHq). The RWHq was formed in 1977-78 as a split from the Revolutionary Communist Party. The RWHq later merged in 1985 with the Proletarian Unity League to form Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

RWH Pamphlet: Build the Black Liberation Movement

This is a pamphlet dated June 1981, putting forward the Revolutionary Workers Headquarters line on the Black national question in the U.S. The pamphlet starts out with a polemic against the RCP's line on the Black national question, then stakes out the RWH's own position. It is also worth noting that a polemical response was written to this pamphlet, RWH on the Black Liberation Movement: Wrong Again! by Amiri Baraka of the League for Revolutionary Struggle (M-L) in December 1981.

Red Papers 8

Red Papers 8 Cover

Other Statements and Documents

Revolutionary Workers Headquarters - Bay Area Communist Union Merger Statement (1979)

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